Greenpeace Acronyms

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Greenpeace Acronyms

AGM: Annual General Meeting

AP: Asian Pacific

BSC: Board Search Committee

CBD: Convention on Biological Diversity

CFP: Common Fisheries Policy (EU regulatory agreement)

CD: Campaign Director

CEE: Central & Eastern Europe

CITES: Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species

COCOA: Common Chart of Accounts

CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility [1]

DAM: Digital Asset Management (Photo & Video Libarary software)

DEVO: Development

DD: Direct Dialogue

D2D: Door-to-Door

ECA: Export Credit Agencies

ED: Executive Director

EDM: Executive Directors' Meeting

EDO: Executive Director's Office

ER: Energy Revolution

ES: Equitable Sustainability

EUPC: European Programme Committee - EU Powershift board

FIF: Fundraising Investment Fund

FLEG: Forest Law Enforcement and Governance

FMR: Financial Management Report

FD: Finance Director

FR: Fundraising

FRD: Fundraising Director

FSC: Forest Stewardship Council

FTA: Free Trade Agreement

F2F: Face-to-face (equivalent to DD!)

GE: Genetic Engineering, Genetically Engineered

GHG: Greenhouse Gases

GHGE: Greenhouse Gas Emissions

GL3: (Greenlink 3) ending of GPI email accounts

GCL: Global Campaign Leader

GLT: Global Leadership Team

GMO: Genetically Modified Organism

GPI: Greenpeace International

GPAP: Greenpeace Australia Pacific

GPSEA: Greenpeace South East Asia (colloquially known as 'Gypsy')

GRA: Global Resource Allocation

GRP: Global Resource Plan

GSF: Global Strategic Framework

GSS: Global Skillshare

IDM: International Development Manager

IED: International Executive Director

ICCAT: International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna

IFU: International Finance Unit

IMAD: International Marines & Actions Division (no longer in use)

IPD: International Programme Director

IPR: International Press Release

IT: Information Technology

ICT: Information and Communications Technology

IPOT: International Programme Operation Team (no longer in operation)

IUCN: International Union of Conservation Nations

IUU: Illegal, unreported or unregulated (fishing)

'JPM: Joint Programme Meeting (now called PM)

JREC: Johannesburg Renewable Energy Coalition

LOFF: Local Office

LTD: Long-Term Direction

LTGF: Long-Term Global Framework (now knows as "The Framework")

LTV: Life Time Value (FR)

MEA: Multilateral Environmental Agreement

MPA: Maritime Protected Area

MR: Marine Reserves

MT: GPI Management Team (no longer used, replaced by SLT: Strategy and Leadership Team)

NRO: National & Regional Offices

NVDA: Non Violent Direct Action

OBCT: On-Board Campaign Training

ODP: Organisational Development Plan

OR : Ondernemings Raad (Worker’s Council)

OECD: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

PAL: Performance, Accountability and Learning (it can refer to both, the function and the GPI unit)

PBU: Political & Business Unit

PC: Programme Council

PCF: Programme Capacity Fund

PDO: Programme Direction Office

PGP: Programme for sending files/emails in secure way

PM: Programme Meeting

POP: Persistent Organic Pollutant

PPA: UN IUCN Programme on Protected Areas, the focal point within the IUCN Secretariat for Protected Areas - serves as the Secretariat for WCPA

PR: Public Relations

PRT: Performance Review Talk

REACH: Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals (EU policy currently under negotiation)

RIB: Rigid Inflatable Boat

SAF: Strategic Alignment Framework

SAGE: Sustainable Agriculture & Genetic Engineering

SAIL: Ships, Actions, Investigations, Legal

SE: Sustainable Equity

SEA: South-East Asia

SGC: Stichting Greenpeace Council (legal entity - official name of GPI)

SMC: Stichting Marine Council

SMS: Stichting Marine Services

SLT: Strategy and Leadership Team

SO: Southern Ocean

SRI: Social & Responsible Investment

TNC: Trans-national Corporations

TEFR: Transnational & Earmarked Fundraising

WCPA: World Commission on Protected Areas

WCPFC: Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission

WSF: World Social Forum

WTO: World Trade Organisation