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Simple tools for creating macros (or memes)

If you don't have the design skills or access to the software to create macros using a design suite like Adobe or the open source version Gimp, these tools make the creation of macros easy and free.

There are also very fast (albeit more limited) options that create things based on a traditional 'meme' look and feel:

More complicated design projects

  • Visme - Probably the strongest of the free tools, enables creation of dynamic (including embedded media) content for data visualisation, presentations or flat graphics.
  • Adobe Spark - Optimised for creating social posts, web pages and videos
  • Piktochart - Great for flowcharts and data visualisation using easy templates
  • LucidChart - Flowchart and data visualisation specific software
  • Photoshop online - This is the web version of Photoshop allowing for manipulation of images (particularly good for photos and other images with gradated colours and texture / tone as you see with JPGs and new PNGs)
  • Pixlr - Similar to Photoshop above
  • YouIDraw - For flat or vector graphics, like text or web elements. Best file outputs are GIFs and PNGs