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Mapping Tools

There are loads of tools available for mapping, some dynamic, some for beautiful web embeds. Please don't just dump absolutely everything into this list. This will only be useful if you can relate some of the key features of the tool, and give it a brief review.

  1. - great initiative that is growing with people contributing different elements and layers (similarly to Google Earth layers, but cheaper and free from what I understand)
  2. - awesome tool, used by Egyptian activists to monitor sexual harassment, Kenyan activists monitoring election fraud and London grumpy people to monitor which tubes are closed during strikes. Easy to use, you can host your own version or they'll host one that doesn't look as pretty but is easier to get up and running without web know how.
  3. - make the best interactive maps I've seen from any agency or org. I have a contact there, and am itching to setup some cool shit with them :-) Ideas on a postcard (or by reply!)
  4. Sina from the German office has also created a mapping tool with an agency, bespoke for Greenpeace and designed for storytelling using maps. It's free for us to use anytime, and setup should be relatively easy. Sina's lovely so drop her a line!

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