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Wholehearted Activism

In the story team we seek to embody a new kind of activism; one based on our personal passions, guided by our sense of purpose and dedicated to being the change we want to be in Greenpeace.

These are the principles by which we work...

Radically open

Everything we do is publicly accessible and everyone is invited to take part in the conversation. Come talk to us at one of our open community calls

  • We don’t work for, we work with and we invite people in as partners
  • We seize every opportunity to share lessons and knowledge, which means we continually ask questions of ourselves and others.
  • We prototype fast, test in the real world and value feedback. We release early and often.

Diversity and inclusiveness

We seek to redefine what activism looks and feels like. We practice wholehearted, kind activism and co-power others to participate with us.

  • Nature builds strength, resilience and beauty through diversity and we model that in our work.
  • We are intentional about including a diversity of change agents and projects on our plate.
  • We elevate and shine light on the brilliance of others

Follow the passion

We work on what we are personally passionate about and help others find and ignite their own sparks

  • If we’re not having fun, finding joy and laughing regularly we recalibrate and reassess
  • We’re proactive leaders: Minimum of 40% of our time is for making & doing
  • We follow ideas so audacious they scare us.

Gratitude and Kindness

  • We show gratitude towards one another and create compassionate, kind spaces where we look after ourselves and each other
  • We encourage and inspire courage in one another
  • We nurture each other's plurality and celebrate the polymath in us

Want to work with the story team?

How we decide what we work on....

  • Will it result in kick ass content that the change makers & culture shapers will love?
  • Does it have potential for a contagion/halo effect? Are we targeting influencers and pirates?
  • Does it match one (or more) of the 7 shifts? Are we building the new?
  • Does it summon your courage?
  • Are you ready, willing and able to step outside your comfort zone?