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  • * '''Purpose:''' We serve as advisers to teams across the organization who are looking for help embodying the Greenpeace s
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  • ...planning, coordination, or other activities of current or past Greenpeace teams, projects and campaigns
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  • ...each team arrange themselves at the corner of a triangle. Explain that the teams will have to move their four balloons to the side of the triangle opposite
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  • ...ation on international channels. They are a guide to help NROs and project teams create content. They also offer uniform guidelines for content creators to ...ce mission and values), as well as general editorial insights from the Hub teams. This document also includes a resource on communicating the 7 Shifts.
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  • ...the Theory of change and the strategy, lot of time is quite clear for the teams to design tactics to reach more people and tactics to ask our volunteers an '''Organise teams to collect offline signatures in one day:''' Organise group of people that
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