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Story Team Strategy

a Map of the Moon

At you'll find the most up-to-date links to strategies, documents and projects that help you understand why we, the Story Team at Greenpeace, do what we do. This section tries to explain the overarching vision behind the story ecosystem.

Core to our Roadmap for 2016 and next year are the needs our colleagues and friends have helped us identify. Our peers say:

  • they want to be kickass storytellers and story-makers
  • they want to learn what it might look and feel like to integrate the 7 Shifts into their campaigns
  • they want strategic advice from us on their project plans and content
  • they want to flex their courage muscles
  • they want to design campaigns that celebrate creativity, connection and hope.

All of these things make us excited to get to work.

Our Roadmap also aims to support a strong foundation for what we as an organisation will need to live and breathe the Greenpeace story, storytelling, and Seven Shifts authentically in all our work (which happens to be in line with the demands of our new Framework. Bonus).

To this end, we see 5 threads in our work that are mutually reinforcing: Content, Community, Workshops, Culture Hacking, and Consulting.

How we plan to get there:

How we plan to get there


  • Purpose: Tell the story of the billion acts of courage and ignite hope. Make sure the new Greenpeace story is accessible, understandable and implementable. Help people learn about courage, wholehearted activism and participation in a global community.
  • Opportunity: We've learned that innovators across the organization need practical resources to help others learn and embody the new story of Greenpeace and the 7 shifts. By providing these resources and teaching people to use them, we help our colleagues live and teach the story.
  • Process: Through open and people powered definition and development, we pull together online materials to inspire and excite a learning culture.
    • 1.0 the Moon - [1] is the best place to go to see the most relevant documents. It links out to programs, projects and people. At the beginning of this page, you'll find the Map of the Moon, an attempt to explain how everything we do fits together.
    • 1.1 (code name: Planet4) – document outlines the vision for, we'll be using this to define the purpose and intent of Please see the [Planet4|Planet4 section] of this wiki.
    • 1.2 Shifts Revisions – Practical guides are being developed and illustrations are being iterated to more clearly showcase the values built inside the 7 Shifts.
    • 1.3 File:Global-BrandGuide.pdf – The PDF Brand Guide offers strategic insights to align our words and deeds, as well as actionable tools for turning fact-based communications into compelling narratives that spur action and spread our worldview.
    • 1.4 Open Articles – As an Open Ambassador for, Laura writes articles which share our progress and attitudes in the hopes of expanding the community and helping to redefine 'activism'. See "Makes 7 Shifts Towards Open"
    • 1.5 Story Video – A video outlining the new story of Greenpeace and explaining the vision in a multimedia way.
    • 1.6 Printables – In 2016 the Story team will develop beautiful, inspiring physical materials to encourage the spread of the new story.


  • Purpose: Engage a global network of people and establish a network of wholehearted activists. Establish communities of practice and create a network that is diverse, inclusive and focused on making the world a better place.
  • Opportunity: Once the Greenpeace global staff and communities have internalized the Seven Shifts, they will be designing and co-creating campaigns with each other, alumni, supporters and the public at large.
  • Process: The Story Community Call is a central component and the production center for our work. Find out more about the call here.


  • Purpose: We use participatory workshops to build courage muscles for influencers across the organization. We teach people how to be a courage enabler and redefine what courage means - from ‘cor’ (Latin for heart). We make our workshop content open and accessible.
  • Opportunity: Creating resources for others and helping people run train the trainer workshops allows us to expand our reach.
  • Process:
    • 3.1 Greenpeace Story 101 – This introductory workshop will outline and explain the new story of Greenpeace and the 7 Shifts.
    • 3.2 Story Writing (Creating Compelling Stories) – A deeper level of training for people who need to understand the ins and outs of story creation.
    • 3.3 Story Based Campaigns – This workshop trains the courage muscle and helps activists deconstruct story arcs. They are invited to think about their issues from different perspectives and will learn to develop campaigns with story in mind.
    • 3.4 Myths and Social Norms – The world we live in today is built on stories — stories that support the status quo. As people become increasingly aware of the problems we face, these stories are making less and less sense. This workshop will examine these “myths” head on, and offer new, more compelling ones to make our initiatives far more appealing and culturally relevant.
    • 3.5 Story Pirates Workshop – We will hold a large train the trainer session specifically designed for the influencers and pirates in Greenpeace. Its Agenda will pull pieces from the other workshops together in a participatory event.


  • Purpose: We serve as advisers to teams across the organization who are looking for help embodying the Greenpeace story in their plans and campaigns.
  • Opportunity: Our colleagues have expert story advice!
  • Process: Please read about how we work to find out if your project meets the requirements.


  • Purpose: Hack culture & myths and break into physical and cultural spaces to help Greenpeace reframe itself as a culture hacker.
  • Opportunity: There are allies all around us. Meeting them, connecting with them and championing their causes as well as our own makes us a hero among heroes and opens doors to opportunities we can't imagine.
  • Process: We are currently adhoc on this one! We need to a realistic outline and plan for where, when and how we engage in these spaces.

Learning together

The Community thread is one of our key priorities for development this year and next: building a strong learning community around the Greenpeace story and 7 Shifts. This means learning together how we might become more open, transparent, innovative, solutions-savvy, curious system thinkers; celebrating and learning how to do good storytelling, and co-creating a Greenpeace culture that rewards courage of all sizes and shapes (aka walking our talk). This is how we see it:



Timeline 2016

This section lays out a timeline for specific things the Story team is focusing on at Greenpeace. If you want to get even further into the weeds, Checkout the Story Team's Trello board.

Q1 2016

  • 1.1 (plan, budget, team)
  • 1.2 7 Shifts revisions (illustrations)
  • 1.3 PDF Brand Guide
  • 1.4 article
  • 3.1 Greenpeace Story 101
  • Weekly Community Call Process
  • new hires onboarding
  • influencers and pirates list compiled


  • 1.1 (software selection)
  • 1.2 7 Shifts and Me (text and illustrations)


  • 1.1 (planning)
  • 1.5 story video (final)
  • 1.6 Swag plan + artwork
  • 3.2 Story writing
  • 3.3 Story Based Campaign development
  • 3.4 Myths and Social Norms TTT
  • Crisis Comms
  • Alumni Workshop
  • Alumni Core Contributors


  • 3.5 Story Pirates workshop
  • 1.2 7 shifts and me